North African Celebrations

Fez Festival

When: June 22-30
Where: Marocco

“Ancestral Knowledge” theme, explored through Balinese dancing, Moroccan music, songs of the Italian Renaissance, Tunisian oud players, African Sufism, the Soweto Gospel Choir and more.

Abu Simbel Festival

When: October 22 and February 22
Where: Egypt

The magic of this festival is all in the timing – at these two times of the year, the sun aligns with the entrance of the Abu Simbel temples honoring Ramses II.

The Gerewol Festival

When: Last week of September
Where: Chad

During this week-long festival, tribes gather on foot, via camel or donkey to come together to dance, feast, and most importantly – attract a mate.


When: Jan 19
Where: Gonder, Ethiopia

Watch the parades as devotees carry a sacred replica of the Ark of the Covenant, before the priest sprinkles blessed water on the crowd. Festivities last two days with jubilant singing and dancing.

Festivals in South Africa

Mombasa Carnival

When: November
Where: Kenya

Kenya’s largest annual festival, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, is a carnival of floats, costumes, music and dance that perfectly showcases the region’s cultural diversity.

National Arts Festival

When: June-July
Where: South Africa

Africa’s largest cultural event, this annual extravaganza sees the normally quiet streets of Grahamstown transformed into a hive of colorful activity, from drama to music to stand-up comedy and everything in between!

Ouidah Voodoo Festival

When: January 10
Where:Togo, Ghana, Benin

A 12-day tour of Togo, Ghana and Benin taking in the Ouidah Voodoo Festival. Believers are absorbed by rites and rituals around the voodoo temples involving dances.

The Knysna Oyster Festival

When: June 29-July 8
Where: South Africa

The main draws are a half marathon and a two-day cycling race, along with swimming, canoeing and scuba diving.

What to celebrate in Middle East

  • 01

    Nowruz (Iranian New Year)

    When: March 1-13
    Where: Iran, Turkey

    Celebration is connected to the first day of spring and the beginning of the New Year. Games are held and picnics go on until late at night

  • 02

    Hala Festival

    When: February
    Where: Kuwait

    It is a month long celebration when the dry sands of the desert bloom into a green carpet covered with blossoming, colorful flora.

  • 03

    The International Festival of the Sahara

    When: December
    Where: Douz, Tunisia

    The features of the festival include camel marathons, dances, singing, poetry, fantasia (galloping Arab horses ridden by daring riders), a Bedouin marriage, and sloughi (desert hunting dog) catching rabbits.

  • 04


    When: April
    Where: Israel

    Passover is the time when people remember how the people of Israel left slavery behind them when they left Egypt. It is a major eight-day festival.

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